BLAC was born out of the needs of the Black community, specifically as it relates to the disproportionate and troubling ways in which Black people are mistreated, scrutinized and brutalized by legal institutions and systems of power. The experiences of Black Canadians today are rooted in our country’s history of colonialism, slavery and segregation. BLAC hopes that it can meaningfully contribute to, and build upon, the work that so many fearless and diligent members of our community and others have done and are continuing to do.

With this in mind, BLAC is deeply concerned and disappointed with the Provincial Government’s recent cuts and austerity measures across all facets of society. It is BLAC’s position that these cuts will disproportionately affect the Black community, by creating more political, economic, and legal obstacles for our full participation in society. These cuts to legal aid funding, education, public health, and changes to police oversight to name a few, will have devastating impacts on Black people across the province.

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