BLAC received funding from the Government of Canada, Minister of Canadian Heritage, Anti-Racism Action Program for a Project (ARAP) called “Preventing the injustice of the School to Prison Pipeline for Black Children and Youth”.

The Project took place from April 1, 2020 to March 31, 2022. Through the Project, BLAC and KAME Consulting conducted research on the school to prison pipeline; created a database on the lived experience of Black parents, caregivers, and families; and drafted a report with findings, best practices, and recommendations.

Watch Links to Justice, BLAC’s  documentary on the school-to-prison pipeline, produced by Moses Latigo Odida of Kigaana Productions.

The videos below provide useful information about the community organizations delivering helpful services to Black people in Ontario.

Collective of Child Welfare Survivors

The Collective of Child Welfare Survivors (“CCWS”) is a grassroots organization that provides various support for child welfare survivors between the ages 15-25 years old, particularly Black, Indigenous, and racialized individuals as well as their families.

Harriet Tubman Community Organization

As a non-profit agency Harriet Tubman Community Organization is dedicated to building meaningful and developmental relationships with young people, experiencing racialization between the ages of ages of 8 – 25 years old. Using Harriet Tubman’s collaborative model, we partner with diverse institutions, organizations, community groups and individual allies to establish a ‘railroad’ network of resource to keep Black (African) young people and others who relate engaged in positive activities. We provide strength-based, youth centered and culturally relevant programs that foster identity development, life skills and education.

Delta Family Resource Centre 

Delta Family Resource Centre (DELTA FAMILY) is a grassroots, non-profit, community-based agency which is committed to enhancing the potential of families and children by supporting and addressing identified needs. Providing a wide range of programs, services, and activities that enhance individual skills and promote well-being and healthy communities, Delta is known for its strength in effective outreach, collaboration and delivering empowering programs which meet identified community needs.

Moyo Health & Community Services

For over two decades, Moyo (previously known as Peel HIV/AIDS Network) has provided a growing array of health promotion, education, social and support services for people living with, affected by, and at systemic risk of HIV. Through collaborative efforts and effective service delivery, Moyo has become the leading HIV/AIDS service provider for Peel’s communities of Mississauga, Brampton and Caledon.

Justice for Children and Youth 

Justice for Children and Youth provides select legal representation to low-income children and youth in Toronto and vicinity. We are a non-profit legal aid clinic that specializes in protecting the rights of those facing conflicts with the legal system, education, social service or mental health systems. We give summary legal advice, information and assistance to young people, parents (in education matters), professionals and community groups across Ontario.


Parents for Diversity

Parents for Diversity is a collective of parents and allies committed to ensuring every child’s right to an education free from discrimination. We advocate for schools, families and communities to promote equity and inclusive education and to take meaningful steps to protect human rights for all by:

  • raising awareness about the implications of racism, intolerance and discrimination in the education system on all members of society;
  • developing workshops, materials and resources for families and schools;
  • supporting caregivers and families to advocate for children who experience discrimination or bias in schools.

This project was made possible through funding from the Government of Canada.