In July 2022, BLAC received funding through Canada’s Justice Partnership and Innovation Program (JPIP) for a four-year project called Combatting Anti-Black Racism through Litigation and System Navigation (the “Project”).

LITIGATION. In the first two years of the Project, BLAC will aim to provide legal professionals with the information, research, templates, and expert reports they need to raise arguments related to individual and systemic anti-Black racism in criminal, immigration, child protection, education, prison, and civil matters.

SYSTEM NAVIGATION. In the third and fourth years of the Project, BLAC will engage System Navigators to provide information, advice, and supports to Black people with low- or no-income who have a legal issue in the area of criminal, child protection, immigration, education, or civil law (i.e., civil suits by people who have had a discriminatory or deadly encounter with a police service or correctional institution).

The Project was launched on November 9, 2022. Read the official news release here.