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The Disproportionate Impact of the Pandemic on Black Ontarians

In this webinar, the Black Legal Action Centre (BLAC) is joined by a panel of experts to explore the disproportionate impact of the pandemic on the Black communities in Ontario. Presented by: Akwatu Khenti (PhD), Black Scientists’ Task Force on Vaccine Equity; Hermie Abraham, Labour and Employment Lawyer; Alex Battick, Education and Human Rights Lawyer. 

In Conversation with BLAC:
Understanding the Human Rights Legal System

Watch this webinar to gain insight and legal information pertaining to the Ontario Human Rights Tribunal and the Canadian Human Rights Commission. Presented by human rights lawyers Sasha Hart and Roger Love, and moderated by BLAC’s staff lawyer Piera Savage.

In Conversation with BLAC:
A Webinar on Anti-Black Racism & Child Protection in Ontario

Watch this webinar for an in-depth discussion on anti-Black racism and how it relates to the child welfare system in Ontario.